Have you tried SKYN? ARMR SKYN is designed for sportspersons who want to take their game further. If you are someone who demands only the best in athletic wear then SKYN is for you. We created SKYN for the serious sportsperson who cares about performance. If you play tennis regularly, go cycling or engage in high-intensity workouts this is the brand you need.




ARMR's SKYN is a performance base layer product that seamlessly fits you. It has been designed to allow full freedom of movement and comfort. During high energy workout sessions or sports, good blood circulation in the legs and upper body are essential for good performance. Compression clothing, like ARMR SKYN offers you better blood circulation that lets you achieve high-level performance for longer periods of time. SKYN is almost like a second skin - you won't feel it - but you will instantly notice the many benefits it offers. Medical research has shown that compression in athletic-wear like SKYN, reduce the lactic acid build-up-thereby allowing the player to exert himself longer. Due to its thermal control properties, SKYN allows you to cool down faster in the summer and keep you warm in the winter making it the ideal choice throughout the year.

Clothes play an extremely important part while playing the sport you love. In fact, sports psychologists say that just wearing the right set of clothes can get you mentally in the zone for the sport or the activity. Not only that, the right set of clothes can help you avoid injury, perform better and enjoy the activity.

SKYN is worn next-to-your-skin and fits snugly to take the shapes and contours of the body. The special polyester and lycra yarn blend fabric wraps around you like a second skin and is so light that you won't even feel it. Every piece of clothing is treated with moisture management properties which ensure that sweat is quickly absorbed and distributed evenly along the surface through capillary action and expelled from the surface of the fabric. Every SKYN product is also treated with ARMR's proprietary technology SILVER TECH which bonds pure silver onto the surface of the garment so you stay safe from harmful microbes and remain odour free all through your workout. Finally, the SKYN products have seams that follow the natural flow of the body and ensures that it moves with the body preventing seam chaffing injuries. SKYN will help you achieve optimal performance with these features.


Whether you love running, cycling, tennis or high-energy workout sessions in the gym, SKYN comes with the perfect options for you. SKYN products have been designed for both men and women. Skyn range comprises of both lower and upper body garments. Some of these are below

SKYN Tee - This is the ideal upper-body clothing companion to working out or for sports like football, tennis and volleyball. SKYN tees are available for men in attractive colours.

SKYN Tights, Capri’s and Cycling Shorts- These are the perfect companion for cycling, jogging or an intensive workout session. Their thermal properties will ensure that you can wear them comfortably in both summer and winter.

We have other products like SKYN arm sleeves as well. To know more about SKYN products Click here