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The ARMR 7X Advantage -Products loaded with performance enhancing features which help a sportsperson move on the next level 

Performance Sportswear is not like any other type of apparel. It is not enough if it makes you 'look good', as some mainstream brand advertisements will tell you. Or that it helps you 'get more likes'. We are talking serious business here. The difference between the gold and silver medal in a 100 Meter sprint is often 1/100th of a second. Now that is what gets you the 'wows'.

You not only need your clothing to stay out of the way, but infact, you need it to work for you, 

Active Sportswear is about cutting edge technology embedded in clothing which helps the athlete get to the next level. It could be features like moisture management, UV protection, muscle focus, body compression, thermal control etc. In fact, each sporting activity have a unique set of performance features. This is not only for the professional athlete or sportsperson but also for those who take their workouts at the gym, or the weekend long distance run or the occasional cycle ride seriously. The last thing you want to think about when you are running a marathon is about how heavy your T-shirt has gotten from the sweat, or how the seams in your garment have caused bleeding due to chaffing of the skin. Or how your socks are hurting your toes because of the knot inside. In fact, you want your sports apparel to be like a long-time friend you havent seen for a while - you dont think of them often, but you know they are there for you when you need them the most.

To get your sportswear to work for you needs a close understanding of body kinesiology, sport ergonomics, simulations of actual sporting situations and hours of painstaking research to develop innovative technological solutions which work in real-life sporting contexts.

At ARMR, performance features are an obsession with the product team. In fact, one of the key factors considered while introducing a new product is whether it has at least 7 distinct product benefits for the consumers. Hence the ARMR 7X Advantage. With ARMR you can be sure that, you have a product which works hard to enhance your performance and keep you protected using the SILVERTECH pure silver treatment.. All ARMR products are treated with special proprietary technology SILVERTECH, which bonds pure silver on to the surface of the product. Silver has been used widely as an anti-microbial through the centuries and it is only recently that technological advances have enabled use of this treatment on garments.

And the price .... Well, that is a surprise !

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