Ditch your Cotton Clothes for your workout ! Newage Fabrics beat Cotton hands down

ARMR Aqua Dry Fabrics

Have you been wearing your comfy cotton t-shirt to your gym and wondering why you feel so damp and uncomfortable after a tough workout ? Traditionally cotton has been the preferred fibre for clothing for its benefits of comfort. Cotton has been used for all occasions be it formalwear, casualwear, sleepwear, underwear. But does it work for activewear ?

Ok, so let me burst your bubble straightaway. Cotton is an extremely bad choice of fibre for any active sporting activity. Why ? Because it has atrocious moisture management properties compared to new-age performance polyester fabrics.

Sweating is an inherent part of any sporting activity hence, an essential part of any performance wear apparel is to manage sweat efficiently. Sweat management means quick absorbtion of sweat from the surface of the skin and an efficient mechanism of expelling this moisture from the outer surface of the garment.

However the acceptance of these modern fabrics has been very slow in India with many consumers still hanging on to the ols notion of cotton being the best fibre Perhaps their reluctance is because of long held negative perception of polyester as a cheap and uncomfortable fabric.

The shift towards new-age fibres and fabrics all over the world has been dramatic in the past decade with many international sportspersons including our own sporting icons from the world of cricket, football, badminton et al, rarely wear cotton while playing their respective sport. Even in a relatively less rigourous sport like golf, the elimination of 100% cotton garments is complete. ARMR activewear apparel is made exclusively from performance fabrics which are significantly superior while playing sport.

Here's a quick checklist of advantages of performace fabrics over cotton :

 Cotton Fabrics

 ARMR Performance Synthetic Fabrics

Sweat stays mostly on the surface of the skin 

 Sweat is wicked away from the surface of the skin to the top of fabric through capillary action

 Absorbs moisture slowly   Absorbs moisture 3 times faster
Retains moisture with wet patches on  high sweat zones  Moisture management property of the fabric disperses sweat over a wider surface area ensuring quick evaporation 
You stay damp and uncomfortable   You stay cool and dry and ready for more from your workout


Welcome to the brave new world of performance fabrics with ARMR sporting gear. Try and decide for yourself at www.armr.in  


ARMR new-age fabrics better than cotton for cool comfort