SILVERTECH finish in ARMR Sporting Gear ensures you stay protected and odour-free throughout your workout session

Products crafted with Pure Silver

Remember the days when you would get served water and food in silverware ? If you do, then you are rather encient :-). But that was wisdom passed on through the ages that food and water stayed fresher for longer and pure when stored in silver containers. The science behind this adage is that Silver has properties which prevent growth of harmful micro-organisms.

Now how does that help in Sportswear ? you might ask. The answer lies in preventing growth of microbes in a sweaty environment. Recent developments in technology has meant that pure silver can be applied on fabric surface through a liquid application which imparts anti-bacterial properties of silver onto the surface of the fabric through the lifetime of the garment. Which means you stay protected while being surrounded in an environment which might not be as hygienic as you would want.

Sweating is a natural part of any physical activity and often a desirable outcome of your workout. However surrounded by your gym mates or friends out on a morning run could provide anxious moments wondering whether your sweat is causing bad odour. Sweat by itself is odour free, but the moisture and the warm temperature is an ideal breeding ground for microbes to thrive and cause bad odour. All ARMR products are treated with special proprietary technology SILVERTECH, which bonds pure silver on to the surface of the product. Silver has been used widely as an anti-microbial through the centuries and it is only recently that technological advances have enabled use of this treatment on garments.

Therefore with ARMR Sporting Gear you can rest assured of staying protected from harmful microbes in whatever environment you are working out in - outdoor or indoor. You stay odour-free and fresher for longer. Welcome to the protected world of ARMR Sporting Gear.

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Stay Fresher for Longer with ARMR SILVERTECH