Base Layer Products offered by brand ARMR5 Critical reasons why ARMR SKYN is your ideal base-layer garment for all kinds of sporting activity this summer

Base Layer garments are worn next to skin and are made with special fabrics which form a protective layer around the body. These are form fitting garments made from stretchable material, is light-weight, manages sweat, and keeps you cool and dry, They are an essential part of your sporting gear for any outdoor activity like running, cycling, football, cricket etc.

These garments have been very popular in many western countries for many years now and have been a recent phenomenon in India but rapidly catching up with many Indian sporting icons using them. They are a must have for your sports wardrobe for these 5 important reasons :

  1. They prevent skin chafing because they are next to skin.
  2. They protect you from the harmful effects of the sun and prevent tanning.
  3. The compression properties prevent injuries and also aids recovery after a hard workout.
  4. Moisture wicking properties ensure that you stay cool and dry despite wearing an additional layer.
  5. Reduce muscle soreness and fatigue

So get ready to improve your game with ARMR SKYN.

Olympic gold medalist Sanya Richards-Ross pulls on compression sleeves before a 400-meter race at the World Indoor Athletics Championships in Istanbul in 2012. Martin Meissner/AP