As a sportsperson or someone who just enjoys an active lifestyle - it is very important to understand the role that clothing plays in your overall experience. The right clothing can enhance your experience and make you perform better while the wrong clothing can just make you irritable and uncomfortable. At worst, it could even put you off the sport or the activity completely.

As an upper body garment, a tee-shirt plays a critical role in your ability to enjoy the activity to its complete potential.


Whether you play sports or exercise for a few hours every week or are a professional – here are FOUR things to keep in mind while buying a tee-shirt: 

  • Ensuring full freedom of movement: Full freedom of movement is essential for all physical activities. Any garment that you wear should provide you the ability to stretch, move and extend without causing any hindrance or discomfort, and this is especially true for your upper body.  Whether your exercise activity of choice is a sport or a leisure activity like even walking: having full freedom of movement means that you can perform at your full potential.  When buying a tee-shirt, ensure that you can move freely and easily.
  • Odour fighting technology: Playing strenuous sports or indulging in physical activities causes a lot of perspiration. This sweat if it collects on the fabric provides an ideal breeding ground for microbes. Growth of microbes leads to odour. And odour can put off anybody. A bad body odour is not just harmful to you physically but also impacts your ability to partake in any social activity. It is important to take care that the tee-shirt does not retain moisture leading to body odour.
  • Staying Cool: Ever wondered why you can walk longer, exercise longer or play longer in winter or mild weather as compared to summer? A lower body heat helps you continue the activity for a longer period. While engaged in any physical activity it is vital to stay cool. When you exercise, you sweat and your body heat goes up. Wearing cotton or any other fabric tends to retain the sweat and the heat within your body causing you to tire easily and fast. An ideal tee-shirt should have moisture wicking capability so that it lets the moisture accumulated due to sweat get released thereby keeping your body temperature low and helping you continue the activity for a longer time.
  • Form-fitting: A loose fitting tee-shirt would constantly rub against your body when engaged in the activity. In a long duration sport or activity, this constant rubbing could cause chafing, scratches and in extreme cases even bleeding. When buying a tee-shirt for your exercise, always ensure that it is form fitting so that the fabric hugs your body and is snug with your contours. That way there are no parts, like the stitch seam, that can rub against your body during the activity.

ARMR strongly believes that everyone should be able to participate in their activity of choice – exercise, sport or leisure – to the fullest of their potential in a cost-effective manner while getting the best of fabric and technology to help them. All ARMR products use SILVERTECH technology, a proprietary technology, that bonds silver to fabrics to stop the growth of odour causing bacteria. ARMR tees provide seamless fitting and freedom of movement and have moisture-wicking inbuilt to help you stay cool and comfy even in hot weather.


Try out some of the best-in-class ARMR tee-shirts and let us know what you think.