Stay Cool in Summer and Warm in Winter - Thermal control properties of ARMR Apparel

Stay Cool with ARMR

When you see a runner wearing a full sleeved garment in the peak of summer you wonder how they feel with so many layers. Must be real hot for them, Right ? Wrong !!

Contrary to the popular theory that less is better in summer, base layer sports apparel is a great way to manage temperature and feel cool or warm as the case may be.

ARMR has 2 options for Thermal control base layer fabrics - ARMR SKYN with light weight synthetic fabrics is an excellent entry-level range with low to medium compression. ARMR AIRE-PRO is a completely seamless version with special Polyamide Lycra fabrics which provides medium compression and thermal regulation . Both are worn next to skin and regulate temperature so you stay comfortable through your favourite workout, be it running, cycling, football or cricket. They help you :

  1. Warm up quicker at the start of your workout.
  2. Prevent rapid cooling down during period of relative inactivity.
  3. Manage sweat through wicking which draws away sweat from the surface of the skin, distributes it across the fabric through capillary action and aids quick evaporation leaving you cool and dry.
  4. Provides compression benefits preventing muscle soreness and fatigue.
  5. In winter, it traps body heat and keeps you warm and comfortable.

Stay cool with ARMR Sporting gear. Visit to make your choice of product.

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