It's summertime! Which means it’s a time for kids to be outside in the hot sun – playing games with friends, attending summer sports camps and generally having a great time. While today’s kids may not play the same games as we did – lagori, sankli, kho kho to name a few; they still play very energetic and intense games like football, cricket, tennis just to name a few and they play it with much more intensity than the professional athletes at times.

Across the years a few things, however, have remained constant. Kids sweat; kids jump, roll and dive; kids are out in the sun. In such a situation, it becomes important to ensure that the clothes they wear when playing out in the sun have properties that help them rather than hinder them.

Here are a few tips when selecting athletic wear for your kids this summer, or even beyond.

Kids tend to sweat a lot simply because they play the game with high intensity and passion. A normal T-Shirt will absorb the sweat causing it to become heavy and trapping the hit inside. This raises the body temperature of the kids and causes them to tire easily while at the same time hampering their movement when playing. In addition, an accumulation of sweat in the garment leads to the bad body and garment odour.

When selecting clothes for your kids to wear ensure that they have moisture wicking properties. This will ensure that the garment dissipates the sweat keeping the body cool and also ensuring that the bad bacteria do not have a place to gather and grow.

Kids_athletic wear


Kids play rough. They slide, dive, roll, jump and do all sorts of movement when playing. They are not constrained by the ‘proper’ method of playing a game. Kids just like to have fun. A traditional clothing typically has the possibility of causing injury and rashes with seams brushing against their skin as they roll and tumble.

When selecting athletic wear for your kids, take care that the clothes should allow for full freedom of movement without the fear of injury. The clothing must be high quality and durable to withstand the rough usage.



Kids play out in the sun for a long duration of time and are exposed to the harmful UV Rays. Ideally, they should be protected from these at all times.

Ensure that your kids’ clothing can protect them from these harmful rays and also make them wear protective arm sleeves.

As every parent knows kids often refuse to wear clothes that are not stylish. It’s important for kids to wear clothes with vibrant colours as not only do they love them but also it increases visibility when playing in low-light conditions. 

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