Chase for more in every heartbeat!

Life is about the balance between the mind and body. This is especially true in sports or any physical activity. At some stage in a sports activity – running, cycling, trekking, swimming, tennis, cricket, football or any sport for that matter – it becomes more of a mental game than a physical aspect. Just at the point that the body gives up after a strenuous phase, the mind says – One more – and the body obliges. The same happens at the next stage, and the next, and the next till you suddenly realise that you have managed to run the marathon or climbed the mountain or swam the distance or won the game!

ARMR Kabaddi

This constant synergy between the mind and body with the mind pushing the body for “one more” and body chasing this to the winning point is embodied in ARMR’s war-cry CHASE FOR MORE!

ARMR’s core philosophy is based on the ideology of empowering sports & active lifestyle enthusiasts to go beyond in order to achieve more. But while the mind pushes to chase the ‘one more’, the body also needs all the support and help as well.

ARMR’s Skyn & Aire-Pro garments are all the help that a sports person needs to push their boundaries, to Chase For More & to achieve the impossible.

ARMR’s compression wear garments helps your body to reduce swelling and fatigue by preventing buildup of lactic acid, remain odour free due to the proprietary Silver Tech technology, sweat free with its moisture management technology & abrasion-free with its seamless structure. In a manner of speaking it doubles up as a second skin with a technological edge. And that’s what makes a difference between a good performer and a Champion!

 Kabaddi ARMR


This season of Vivo Premier Kabaddi League sees ARMR supporting the Bengaluru Bulls team as its Official & Exclusive Apparel partner bringing all technology marvel to help the team chase the other teams out of the competition.

Team members of the Bengaluru Bulls while rigorously practicing for Pro Kabaddi 2017, claim that ARMR’s compression wear has boosted their performance. And that it has encouraged them to up the ante from just “Chase” as the term in Kabaddi goes, to “Chase for more”! Kabaddi demands a high level of physical strength, endurance and the right amount of muscle tensegrity. And ARMR is all set to enhance performance as the official apparel partner of the mighty Bengaluru Bulls.

So, can you hear the echoing of “Chase for more … Chase for more… Chase for more…” or is it just “Kabaddi… Kabaddi… Kabaddi…”?