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Aire-ProSeamless Luxury

why seamless and why should you care?Simply put, less seams means less abrasion. Seams are a necessary evil in garment manufacture and used to attach various panels and bring it together to complete the garment. While in normal apparel it does not really matter, but when it comes to 'next to skin' apparel it makes a world of difference. Imagine running a marathon for close to 5 hours and have a normal seam constantly brushing against the skin. AIRE-PRO range are produced in one of the most advanced knitting technology in the world which creates the finished garment in one single operation thus eliminating the 'panel attachment' process. With AIRE-PRO seamless garments, you are wearing the most advanced and comfortable garment known to man.
body compression for maximum benefitBody compression is the latest innovation in performance sportswear as it reduces muscle fatigue while indulging in performance sporting activity and as a result prevents injury. The compression garment provides gentle constriction to the muscles reducing movement and build up of lactic acid which causes fatigue.
multi-structure panellingThe muscle groups of the human body have different shapes and contours and needs a very dynamic fabric to provide support to each little muscle detail. The AIRE-PRO garment has a unique combination of rib, waffle, jersey, mesh and interlock which caters to each muscle group in the most appropriate manner.
silver tech - the guarantee that you stay fresher for longerThe garment has been specially treated with ARMR's proprietary technology SILVER TECH, which bonds pure silver fibre onto the surface of the garment so you stay protected from harmful microbes and odour free no matter what the circumstances.
Quite simply the best seamless compression garment ever!
Product features
SeamlessEvery product crafted in santoni seamless knitting machines
Exclusive limited edition rangeEvery garment produced individually and crafted to perfection
dynamic support technology Multiple ribbed fabric provide support to muscle groups
Special venting zonesSpecial open waffle structures in sweat zones
// SEAMLESSThe special SANTONI seamless garment making technology ensures virtually zero seams for maximum comfort and minimum abrasion. // DYNAMIC-CONTOUR FABRIC The contoured structures on the garment act as ‘anchor points’ offering focused support and stability. ​// ERGONOMIC PANELS Special panels designed to provide targeted support and aids dynamic body movements. // ANTI-MICROBIALThe SILVER TECH fabric is 99.9% Antimicrobial which ensures you stay protected at all times.
// MOISTURE WICKINGAQUA DRY fabric technology through efficient moisture management (absorb-disperse-dispel) you stay comfortable after a tough workout. UV PROTECTIONThe Special UV-GUARD fabrics have a UV protection of 30+ so you are safe from the harmful rays of the sun. COMPRESSION The garment has been engineered to provide the correct level of surface pressure to specific parts of the body - boosting your power, speed and stamina. ​HIGHER ENDURANCEPRO-STRETCH fabric with special polyamide and elastane material improve circulation to eliminate lactic acid build up so you go harder, for longer and recover faster. MUSCLE FOCUSSupports key muscle groups to reduce movement reducing vibration in your muscles, soft tissue damage, soreness after exercise and decreased risk of muscular injury.