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SportEssential Training Gear

ARMR SPORT - TRAINING ESSENTIALSARMR SPORT category of products serve a variety of sports and training needs for both men and women. SPORT is youthful and vibrant in its design philosophy without compromising on the ARMR focus on innovation and use of cutting edge technology. So you have great looking products which perform to the highest standards.
SILVER TECH- THE GUARANTEE THAT YOU STAY FRESHER FOR LONGERThe garment has been specially treated with ARMR's proprietary technology SILVER TECH which bonds pure silver onto the surface of the garment so you stay safe from harmful microbes and remain odour free all through your workout.
SUPPORTERS, HI-INTENSITY OUTERWEAR, SOCKS, SWEAT BAND AND MUCH MORE .....The product range in ARMR SPORT is both diverse and exciting. Be it the Gym Supporters for men or Capris and Tights made of hi-density stretch fabrics or Performance socks in 3 different lengths or Sweat bands and headbands for your heavy duty workouts, ARMR SPORT has just the perfect product for you.
METICULOUS ATTENTION TO DETAILEvery product of the SPORT range has been engineered to perfection and refined to such a high degree that in the short time since its launch they are already the benchmark for quality and innovation in the market.