Think great quality sporting gear and you think sporting icons, world sporting events, big fancy brands and mostly very high prices. So while you aspire for these products they are mostly out of reach for the common folk. ARMR is a brand which is focused on professional training gear which is built on the tenets of high performance and complete protection and yet sold to the consumer at a price which is accessible. In Short Great Gear for Less !

The mission of ARMR is to enhance sporting performance through innovative products using technological innovation to solve problems faced by athletes and help them perform better. The product benefits enhance performance, ensures breathability and moisture wicking of the fabric and privy unmatched protection from odour causing bacteria.

The brand promise of ARMR is to deliver the best value performance products which delight our customers.

1. Unmatched Quality Unbeatable Price

The ARMR range of products are in line with the best international brands and maintain a high benchmark for quality and innovation. This comes at a honest to goodness price which would delight the end customer and enhance the product offering of any sports retail outlet.

2. Technological edge

All products of the ARMR range are technologically superior and crafted keeping the user in mind. Each product is loaded with features which take performance and protection to a new level.

3. Created by experts

ARMR is brought to you by professionals in the field who have the expertise required for such a specialist offering. With exclusive partnerships for technology and manufacturing , you can be sure that each ARMR product would deliver to a high level of performance in the market.